Ever wonder what makes Pita Land ‘So Good, So Fresh’? Here you’ll find a few of the reasons why Pita Land is the perfect healthy, delicious alternative to fast food.

Why is Pita Land’s chicken shawarma so good?

Pita Land’s fresh, never frozen chicken shawarma is made with 100% boneless chicken thighs using a blend of herbs and spices passed down through our family for over 30 years.

Why do your tomatoes and other veggies always seem so fresh?

Pita Land’s tomatoes are sliced fresh every day, so unlike some restaurants that promise ‘fresh’ ingredients, at Pita Land you never have to worry about how long your veggies have been sitting out.

What spices do you put on your shawarma?

Our spice blend is an old family recipe that mixes Turkish and Iranian spices – but you won’t get the top-secret recipe from us!

Where do Pita Land’s pitas come from?

We get all of our pita bread from Haddad Bakery, a Canadian family-run bakery with a reputation for great pita bread.

Where do you get the chicken for your shawarma?

All of our chicken comes from Sargent Farms in Milton, Ontario, and goes from the farm to your wrap, plate or salad in 3 days or less. Now that’s fresh!

Is Pita Land’s food 100% Halal?

Yes. Look for the 100% Halal logo in our stores, flyers, posters, and at the bottom of this web page!

Do you make your own pickled turnips?

Yes, we do! We pickle our own turnips using an old family recipe. If you ask us, they’re the best pickled turnips around!