From our tradition to your table

Serving a variety of healthy & delicious Mideast cuisine

Since 2003, Pita Land has made delicious, fresh, and affordable shawarma and kebabs, souvlaki, falafel, gyro, salads and wraps, but our story didn’t just begin then. Our traditions and recipes have been in our culture and in our family for centuries of Middle-Eastern history.

For the best chicken shawarma and pita place in Woodbridge visit Pita Land at 4650 Langstaff Rd. Come and experience the best pita and shawarma restaurant in Woodbridge and enjoy our chicken shawarma including our legendary chicken shawarma wrap.

We have made it our passion and our goal to bring our family’s table to yours, to share with everyone the healthy, fresh foods that we enjoy with our family, friends and community at home and at our gatherings. We invite you to the Pita Land table, to sit down and enjoy a good meal with the people around you at one of the best shawarma restaurants in Woodbridge.

We want to share this opportunity with you. We are currently accepting inquiries for additional franchises in Woodbridge.

Pita Land
3650 Langstaff Rd
Woodbridge ON L4L 9A8