Baba Ganoush

Baba ganoush is a PitaLand favourite, a rich and creamy grilled eggplant dip, served with virgin olive oil and tahini sauce. Try one today!

Calories: 550

Falafel Mezze Trio

All the tastes you’d expect of Middle-Eastern cuisine on one plate. Featuring our famous hummus, crisp and fresh falafel and creamy baba ghanoush.

Calories: 1050


The best hummus in the GTA! Everyone’s favourite, traditional chickpea (garbanzo bean) dip, made with tahini sauce and fresh lemon juice.

Calories: 780


A family recipe from our table to yours! You’ll love our Halal ground beef mixed with cracked wheat and savoury onions.

Calories: (3PCS) 470

Garlic Potatoes

Everyone always wants seconds of our garlicky roasted potatoes, tossed with just the right amount of cilantro and chili.

Calories: 510


These vegetarian fried pastries stuffed with seasoned potatoes and peas are almost too good to share!

Calories: (3PCS) 480

Lentil soup

Lentil soup is light, comforting and delicious. Our lentil and and swiss chard soup is always simmered to perfection.

Calories: 90


A delicious vegetarian, high-protein choice. Fresh ground chickpeas and garlic mixed with herbs and spices.

Calories: (5PCS) 310

Grape leaves

Fresh and tasty grapevine leaves, filled with a mouthwatering stuffing of rice, parsley, onion and fresh mint.

Calories: (5pcs) 260

French Fries

Crispy golden fries that pair well with wraps or as a snack on their own.

Calories: 680

Mezze Trio

The perfect starter, a mix of fresh hummus, tabouli and baba ghanoush appetizers.

Calories: 920

Beef Shawarma Hummus

The perfect mix of appetizers: hummus topped with beef shawarma

Calories: 920

Chicken Shawarma Hummus

The perfect mix of appetizers: hummus topped with chicken shawarma

Calories: 1260